7 Tips for Hurricane Preparation

What is a Hurricane?

Hurricanes are severe tropical storms that produce torrential rains, storm surges and tornadoes. The typical season for these storms lasts from June through November. There are five categories with wind speeds ranging from 74 mph to 155 mph. Are you prepared for this season?

Our Plan

Each year, as we monitor the track of a hurricane, our community teams are hard at work taking the necessary steps to ensure they are prepared for the upcoming storm by implementing their Hurricane Readiness Plan. We are focused on ensuring appropriate staffing levels, availability of medications, ability of emergency food and water supplies, confirming that generators are ready in case of power outages, and if absolutely necessary, evacuation plans are secured. As we are assured our communities are prepared, we are also concerned for the population outside our four walls.

Here are 7 tips for hurricane preparation:

  1. Prepare early.
  2. Clear outdoor areas of potential projectiles.
  3. Secure personal documents in a water-tight container.
  4. Create a kit of emergency supplies and keep vehicle gas tanks above half full.
  5. Know your evacuation routes.
  6. Prepare your pets.
  7. Safety first!

Our communities actively prepare when a hurricane is on the way. If you have questions on hurricane preparedness or are ready to consider making the move to senior living before a storm hits, contact the community nearest you.