Commonwealth, Where I’m Family

Everything we do at Commonwealth Senior Living is based on our Core Values and Our Noble Selling Purpose.

Our Core Values and Noble Selling Purpose were not developed by a PR firm; they were not created by a group of Senior Leaders. They were built organically over the course of three months from our frontline associates. We asked a simple question: “What do you love about working at Commonwealth? What makes us, us?” The results of that process are the six Core Values that highlight what we do, but more importantly WHY we do it!

At Commonwealth Senior Living, we believe in the inverted organizational chart. The Residents and their families come FIRST! Our frontline associates, who are closest to residents and their families, are placed at the top and managers at the bottom. The associate is empowered with greater decision-making authority and freedom of action. The manager becomes a facilitator spearheading a team effort. We believe this culture makes performance faster, more adaptable and more effective.


Commonwealth Senior Living Partnerships

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