Getting to Know Our 2021 Farmers

We’re proud to serve our residents nutritious and delicious meals from locally sourced ingredients in all of our communities. The benefits of farm-to-table dining are endless – including reducing blood pressure, lowering risk of heart disease, and promoting higher brain activity.

Commonwealth Senior Living launched its farm-to-table dining program in partnership with Produce Source Partners, winning VALA’s Best Practice Award in 2015 and Argentum’s Best Practice Award in 2020. Produce Source Partners is a group that specializes in the procurement, warehousing, and distribution of fresh, local produce and food service products. For three generations, they have been committed to their customers, and we are honored to join our missions together to provide our residents with the freshest produce available.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without these amazing organizations. Keep reading to get to know our farmers!

To find out what’s on the menu from our farmers, contact the community nearest you today.