Bringing Mom or Dad home for the holidays

Bringing a loved one with memory loss home for the holidays can be daunting. Our Vice President of Programs, Paula Harder talks through things to consider and some ways you can prepare for the day.

Plan ahead:

  • Find out ahead of time what types of foods they will like and will be easy for them to eat.
  • Have a quiet place prepared for your loved one to rest and take a break.
  • Make sure to have a change of clothing for your loved one on hand just in case.
  • Let the family know ahead of time any behaviors Mom or Dad are expressing so that it is not a surprise.
  • If your loved one tends to wander, designate someone to keep an eye on him or her at all times.

Most of all, go with the flow. There might be some awkward moments, and that’s ok. The important thing to remember is that you’re getting time with your loved one during the holidays. Make the most of your time together. Celebrate little successes of a smile or a giggle. These are priceless.

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