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What’s the Greatest Challenge in Caring for an Aging Loved One?

At Commonwealth Senior Living, improving the lives of seniors and their families is central to everything we do. We’ve found the best way to further support these individuals is simply by asking. So we asked families what the greatest challenge in caring for an aging loved one has been for their family and here’s what […]

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Signs That It’s Time Pt 2: 5 Most Common Things to Look For

At Commonwealth Senior Living, we’ve helped families navigate through the aging process for 20 years and understand it can be an emotional roller coaster. We want to provide you with five of the most common signs that your loved one may need additional support to look for. 1. Loss of Interest in Things They Once […]

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Signs That It’s Time Pt 1: How to Recognize When a Loved One May Need Additional Support

Whether your loved one lives close by or across the country, we want you to know what to look out for as signs they may need additional support. In the United States alone, there are more than 23 million seniors over the age of 75 living alone. This means there are 23 million families, just […]

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