How to Relieve Holiday Stress for Caregivers

It’s likely as the holiday season rolls around that you’re experiencing emotional and physical stress as a spouse, partner, friend, or adult child caregiver. There are parties to plan, loved ones to see, and desserts to eat. It may not cross your mind as often as it should, but your health is an important part […]

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Music and Memory

Do you ever hear a song that instantly brings you back to a specific memory or feeling?  At Commonwealth Senior Living, we know that music is a vital part of living a meaningful life, and it’s especially important for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  In fact, recent studies have shown there is a significant connection […]

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Tell Me Your Favorite Song

By Erika Gennari, Director of Marketing & Communications You know that feeling you get when you hear an old song, and it immediately pulls you back in time to a specific moment in your life? For me, it’s “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue” by Crystal Brown. I’m immediately back in my parents’ kitchen, […]

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