Getting Everyone to the Table: Discussions About Senior Living

In the past, we’ve discussed clutter clues that might indicate that a senior loved one is struggling to maintain the demands of a single family home. So: what next? If you noticed any of these safety warning signs over the holiday season, how do you approach your loved one about your concerns? How might you […]

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Common Financial Challenges Seniors Encounter

The past two years have been difficult in many ways to many Americans, including our senior population. Economic struggles due to the pandemic aren’t the only financial challenges facing the 65+ community today. While aging may bring wisdom, retirement, and discounts, there are a host of money-related issues that can accompany older adults such as […]

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5 COVID-19 Myths Debunked

We know everyone is looking forward to the opportunity to take off our masks, interact with our friends within a close distance, and hug our loved ones again. The COVID-19 vaccine is the next step in leading our communities back to this environment. Commonwealth Senior Living is proud to be doing our part in “kissing […]

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