retirement living in virginia

Back from Visiting Mom and Dad?

Oftentimes visiting family over the holidays is a mixed bag of emotions. The hectic build up of getting everything together, packing, traveling, and the flurry of parties can be stressful. But at the same time it is wonderful to see everyone, reminisce, and catch up. Add to that, the potential concern about loved one’s safety […]

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Back to the Future in 2019

We all have days when we would love to drop everything and travel somewhere else. For 3 years Commonwealth Senior Living has offered our residents and their families an opportunity to experience the sights, sounds, music, art and culture of other countries and states from the comfort of their own home with our Travel the […]

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Independent Living in Virginia

At Commonwealth Senior Living, we have seen over the years that people are waiting longer to begin their retirement lifestyle. The average age of retirement crept up from 65 to 67, and one in five Americans in their early 70s are still working, according to a recent Bloomberg article. So often we hear that seniors […]

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