How to Relieve Holiday Stress for Caregivers

It’s likely as the holiday season rolls around that you’re experiencing emotional and physical stress as a spouse, partner, friend, or adult child caregiver. There are parties to plan, loved ones to see, and desserts to eat. It may not cross your mind as often as it should, but your health is an important part […]

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Reducing Family Stress

When asked where you would like to live in your 80s and 90s, what would you say? Most likely your answer would be “at home.” There is an idyllic image of staying in a home where memories have been made, but as people live longer, health complications may interfere with these plans. As we age, […]

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Cracking the Caregiving Code

You are standing in unfamiliar territory. The rush of emotions scatters your thoughts. Unanswered questions whirl around in your mind. The next decision could be one step in the wrong direction. Where will it lead? As a caregiver, you feel every emotion possible. At times, multiple at once. You are bombarded by decisions and opinions […]

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