There's always more to the Story: Anita and Robert

We had the pleasure of listening to our resident’s love stories this year as we have in years past. But this year we took a page from the Legacies Project and spent some more time recording a few of these stories in greater detail. We chose three which represent different stages of love that our residents might be experiencing. A spouse of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. A widow. And a couple in independent living. Each story is beautiful and endearing and makes us grateful for the love that we’ve been blessed to encounter along the way.

Anita is 98 and lost her husband 10 months ago. She loves telling stories about Robert. They danced up into their 90s. She thinks of him often and misses him terribly. We are grateful to hear her stories and share them. It’s so important that Anita knows that even though she is morning, she is not alone. We are here, listening and caring for her in every way we can. Please take a moment and listen to Anita’s story here.