Transitioning to Senior Living Before the Holidays

Christmas can often be a lonesome time for seniors living alone. Families visiting their loved ones sometimes see signs that their Mom or Dad is no longer safe at home, but they worry about making that change during the holidays. Guilt about making a change during the holidays can delay the process, but in our experience, moving during this joyful time can lead to an easier transition. Listen in as Bernie Cavis, Regional Vice President and resident memory care expert talks through what she has seen over the last 25 years in senior living.

Questions to ask yourself when choosing the right time to move Mom or Dad:

  • Is Mom or Dad safe at home?
  • Are they taking their medications as directed?
  • Has their been a fall?
  • Do they require 24 care?
  • Who will be looking after them after you leave?
  • Do you have friends of family in town who can help make the move?
  • What will delaying the move a few weeks mean in terms of care, logistics, etc?
  • Do you feel you have the information you need to make a choice?

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