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A Great Place to Work 2022

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 13 Apr 2022
A Great Place to Work 2022

Commonwealth Senior Living is proud to be certified as a Great Place to Work for the fourth year in a row. 89% of our employees said they feel the work they do has a special meaning and isn't "just a job."

After asking each of our associates a series of questions revolving around credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie at Commonwealth Senior Living, it was said that "This company is unique in that associates can start with no experience and no licenses to plateau in their growth like other companies do." This is referring to our Hire for Heart philosophy that supports individuals who wish to bring joy and offer support in the lives of seniors in every aspect of our communities but may not have experience working in healthcare prior to Commonwealth.

Another associate said, "The people we help make it unique. They are just literally full of life! Telling stories and getting to know so many wise personalities really make it a very special place." Understanding who our residents are and where they have come from is the foundation of our Sweet Memories program. Knowing each individual's history allows us to provide person-centered care in ways that are both positive and meaningful to the residents, their families, and our team.

Overall, we were able to improve the trust our associates have in Commonwealth Senior Living by 4% since 2021.


We believe this improvement was in part due to a few specific changes our Senior Leadership Team made:

  • Added an extra holiday associates can use for any reason.
  • Provided an extra week of vacation to community leaders who stayed with CSL through COVID-19.
  • Incentivized vaccination and attendance through a contest with the grand prize of a new car.
  • Processed significant unbudgeted compensation adjustments for our frontline caregivers in December to meet growing market changes.

If you're a dedicated, compassionate, and caring person who wants to make a difference in the lives of seniors and their families at Commonwealth Senior Living, view our available positions.

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