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Aging Isolation and Depression in Seniors

04/30/2020 2 pm

As our loved ones get older they are more likely to live alone or spend more of their time alone even after COVID-19 mandates are lifted. And the truth is that isolation loneliness and depression go hand in hand. This is also the number one reason seniors begin looking into senior living. Depression affects not only your mental health in how you feel and think but also affects your body physically. Some of these signs may be difficult to recognize in older adults because they may present differently than in younger people. Join us for this free virtual presentation on April 30th at 2pm as Josh Allen of Allen Flores Group discusses the effects of loneliness and solutions that can improve your loved one’s quality of life.
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Coping Techniques for Caregivers

05/27/2020 3 pm

Caring for an aging family member can be difficult and stressful. Their care health safety and happiness all rests on your shoulders and sometimes that responsibility can be overwhelming. But while you're taking care of your loved one it's important to take care of yourself too. Take time for yourself to still do the little things you enjoy. In our free presentation Vice President of Resident Programs Paula Harder will help you learn how to cope with caregiving stress as well as share tips and tools that you can use to make sure you keep yourself healthy and strong. We'll go over points from setting goals to providing resources so you can continue to give your loved one the care they deserve.
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Taking the Reins of Your Retirement

06/27/2020 3 pm

Many seniors find themselves blindsided by the need for additional care. Sadly only around 1% of the US population is educated about senior living due to experiencing it as a family or from working in the industry. Oftentimes the choice of a senior living community ends up being made by an adult child or family member bringing on tremendous guilt and unnecessary stress. Planning in advance can be an incredible gift to your loved ones. During our free presentation our elder law partner Hook Law Center will walk you through how to prepare for senior living financially logistically and emotionally. We'll give practical tips on how to organize your finances to create a budget what steps to take and how to choose the right fit for you if and when support is needed.
WATCH RECORDING - Taking the Reins of Your Retirement