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Checklist for Choosing the Right Memory Care

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 12 Aug 2022
Checklist for Choosing the Right Memory Care

Today may be the day you and your family begin your research into Memory Care communities for Mom or Dad. Or maybe you've been putting off making the decision due to fear of the unknown or a feeling of guilt for not being able to take on all your loved one's care needs alone. We know this research topic can be a daunting one and that one of families' primary concerns is their loved one's physical safety. As Alzheimer's disease progresses, confusion, agitation, and wandering may endanger their health and safety. This also causes their caregivers around-the-clock worry and vigilance. Memory Care communities are a specialized level of senior living that offers the following benefits, among many others, to families and residents:  

  • Peace of mind of knowing your loved one has 24-hour care in an environment specifically designed and staffed for their comfort, safety, and optimum well-being at every stage of Alzheimer's disease. 
  • Memory Care associates are specially trained in addressing the behavioral issues of dementia with positive attention, physical exercise, social therapies, and interactive activities that engage memory centers and redirect your loved one into their own areas of interest and contentment. 
  • Your loved one's nutritional needs and eating habits, medications, and hygiene and appearance are monitored and addressed with kindness and respect. 
  • Your loved ones can once again enjoy a positive social lifestyle where independence is encouraged in a safe, enclosed, easy-to-navigate environment in which they can move about freely. 
  • Quality Memory Care communities also serve the families of residents. Support may include practical tips for loving engagement with someone with Alzheimer's, family-oriented events, anytime access to your loved one and frequent updates as to their well-being. 
  • Many Memory Care communities report positive outcomes including reduced medication, fewer hospital visits, faster healing, better nutrition, and overall contentment, greater social comfort and interaction, more self-direction, and engagement in daily activities.  
  • Memory Care offers your loved one the best chances of benefiting from the latest research-based programs that are showing improvements. 

At Commonwealth, we recognize that each one of our residents is unique. This is also true of every Memory Care community. When choosing a community for your loved one, plan on checking out several of these unique communities in your area in person. Here are a few tips for visiting:  

  • Talk with the team and residents.  
  • Ask to see the latest survey or inspection report.  
  • Visit at different times of the day, including mealtimes.  
  • Inquire about room availability and consider putting your name on a waiting list even if you're undecided. 
  • Use our checklist as a guide and listen to your "gut" instincts. Download it for yourself here.


If you're still unsure if a Memory Care community is the right fit, take a look at these signs your loved one may need additional support or click the button below to take our free, anonymous assessment. We've partnered with a research firm to help families determine the appropriate level of support for their loved ones. The answer to this may look different for everyone, but our hope is that this assessment and guidance will be helpful for families to find the right fit for them. 

take the assessment

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