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Commonwealth Senior Living Resident Programs Conference Awards 2024

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 25 Jan 2024
Commonwealth Senior Living Resident Programs Conference Awards 2024

We're honored to announce and celebrate our outstanding Resident Programs Teams who go above and beyond each day for our residents within our communities. This year, we celebrated our teams with the spectacular theme of "Under the Big Top!" Take a look at the difference our award-winners have made on the lives of our residents, their families, and our associates here:

engage-the-dayOur Engage the Day campaign began in 2023 to encourage our frontline caregivers to authentically engage with our residents because that's who they are. Those who were observed engaging with our residents were given tokens with the goal of receiving 75 or more to be invited to our Resident Programs Conference. Here are this year's winners!engage-the-day-2This award highlights the individual who knocked it out of the ballpark and went above and beyond in generating great content for their social media accounts. Dale brought to life everything we try and achieve every day with photographs, stories, and original posts. She had the top post of 2023, the most original posts, and the top TikTok. Paula, VP of Resident Programs, says, "These achievements are no small feats and Dale does this with a can-do attitude and fun and engaging stories to show the impact we make on our residents."engage-the-day-3The Team Evolution Award celebrates a team who works together to make things happen and bring new life to the department, impacting the whole community. This team's efforts brought a new energy you can feel when you enter the community. When resident programs is truly embraced and supported, so many more doors are opened for creativity and quality. Shakeya Gates, Resident Program Director, and Leigh Morehead, Executive Director, led the way by utilizing all the tools available to them, prioritizing resident programs in all areas of the community, and living by each of our Core Values and their own every day.engage-the-day-4The winner of our individual Evolution Award began a new career path in 2020 and brought a whole new level of calm and compassion to her leadership every day. Paula Harder, VP of Resident Programs, says, "She is one of the most attuned and dedicated associates I have ever encountered. She is an out of the box thinker who does not let obstacles stand in her way of showing our residents a great time." Her Regional Vice President says, "Throughout her time with CSL, she and her team have elevated the resident programs department to one of the finest in the pineapple family. She has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in every resident and does so with such passion and dedication. She is a calm leader and constantly challenges herself and her team to be as wacky as possible and to ensure the community is bringing a smile to our residents' faces every day."engage-the-day-5The Rising Star Award celebrates an individual who has differentiated themselves and proven their leadership, creativity, within the first 2 years of the Resident Programs Director role. Rebecca had not been in the community long as a Resident Program Assistant when a promotion came along. Her Executive Director says, "She continuously embodies our Core Value, 'We care about people.' Her boundless passion for connecting with our residents and associates is truly unmatched. She always goes above and beyond to make sure no one feels left out and puts the needs of our residents at the center of her world. Her selflessness and dedication inspire all of us to care for others in the same way." Paula Harder says, "She is the epitome of what a true leader is. We so look forward to seeing all of what she does in 2024."Conference-Awards

engage-the-day-7The Service Before Self Award recognizes an individual who not only performs with high standards as a Resident Program Director but who also goes above and beyond every day to give our residents and associates the best life possible. Each year we receive nominations from Executive Directors, Regional Vice Presidents, and the award winner is ultimately chosen by our Senior Leadership Team. This year, we'd like to recognize all five of our nominees, Evon Smith of CSL Kilmarnock, Lindsay Drummond of CSL Eastern Shore, Robert Frazier of CSL Cedar Manor. Kelly was nominated by her Executive Director, team, and residents. Her Executive Director said, "When I read the meaning behind the Service Before Self Award, all I could think about was our Resident Program Director. The definition of service is the action of helping or doing something for someone. I feel strongly that if you look at this definition in the dictionary, you will find a picture of our Resident Program Director. She considers what's best for the community and our residents first - always...She is like a ray of sunshine walking into every room. Her positive energy, caring nature, and loving attitude radiates wherever she goes. If you ask any of our frontline team something they love about her, they say, 'her dedication and genuine care for others.' When you look at our Core Values, she checks every one of those boxes along with our Noble Selling Purpose. She listens, she loves, she cares, and she serves - not only to our residents, but to their families and our associates."engage-the-day-8The Bernie Cavis 'Shark in a Tree' Excellence in Memory Care Award goes to a community who took a simple concept and turned it into an ongoing creative and engaging event, not just for our residents, but for associates as well. We've seen some of the most fun and engaging photos, videos, and smiles, all centered around this program for Memory Care. Paula Harder says, "There is a lot of talent in this community!"conference-awards-2024Robert has a long tenure with CSL. He is compassionate and creative, dedicated to standards and doing the right thing. He goes above and beyond in everything he does so his residents, mentees, and team have everything they need. He enjoys coaching and raising up other leaders, His Executive Director says, "Robert is the epitome of selflessness in our community. He welcomed me from the start with open arms and encouragement. He always puts our residents first and always volunteers for any department in times of need. When speaking of our community, there is no better cheerleader or decorator, and he deserves this."engage-the-day-10Every leader seeks out their right hand person. That go to ride or die who has your back and is always open to watching and learning and taking the reins when needed, while becoming a great leader themselves. The role of the Resident Program Assistant is the right hand to the Resident Program Director. This award is determined by a Resident Program Director's nomination and similar qualifications to the Resident Program Director of the Year Award. These individuals seek out opportunities to learn more in their role in preparation for possible future promotion. Tempest's Resident Program Director says, "She is one of the two best Resident Program Assistants I've had on my team. Her attendance is remarkable. She has a great reputation with our families, and she follows our Core Values with the utmost respect. The love and compassion she has in her heart for our residents is second to none. She is a true leader and will make an exceptional Resident Program Director one day."

engage-the-day-11The Resident Programs Director of the year possesses leadership qualities within their community, engagement and involvement at their communities, creativity in programming, collaboration with other departments, and longevity within their role. Lindsay came to CSL in 2019 with no experience in senior living but with a big smile and lots of management experience. She is a diligent and detail-oriented individual who has grown into an incredible leader and advocate for her community and team. Her Executive Director says, "Her mission is to touch the residents and families' lives daily. It's a pleasure to watch her with our residents and she is often our community's true center when we are problem solving. I could go on and on, but my Resident Program Director is a solution finder and a joy giver."

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