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Creating a Safe Home for Seniors

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 08 Dec 2023
Creating a Safe Home for Seniors

What makes a living space senior-friendly? Safety and accessibility are among the top considerations when updating a living space for yourself or an aging loved one. It is also important to think about your comfort and convenience. This process may include tasks such as removing tripping hazards, reorganizing clutter, and even budgeting for a few home improvement projects.

Safety Upgrades

Home safety upgrades are important because they can prevent potential injuries and promote a more independent lifestyle. Our recommended updates are simple and inexpensive, making them feasible for most seniors to manage on their own.

One suggestion from Brent Holbert, Commonwealth Senior Living's Vice President of Construction and Maintenance, is to hang grab bars on walls around your home, especially in spaces like the kitchen and bathrooms.

Another is to place non-slip mats in bathrooms and showers for additional safety. Be sure to secure them to the floor with double-sided tape to avoid slipping.

You'll also want to make sure all areas of your home are well-lit. Adequate lighting in spaces like stairs, hallways, and outdoor paths is a must, especially for those with vision loss.

Additionally, ensure any electrical cords are tucked away out of reach, and place your most used items at an easy-to-reach height. This prevents seniors from reaching too high or too low.

Accessibility Upgrades

Similar to safety considerations, accessibility upgrades can help seniors feel more confident about navigating their homes independently. These upgrades tend to be more unique to an individual's current situation, or future needs.

Traditional rounded doorknobs can be difficult for seniors to use at home because of their small size and smooth surfaces. Brent recommends replacing them with lever-style handles which are easier to grasp and turn.  This upgrade is especially helpful for seniors with arthritis or limited hand strength.

If possible, consider widening doorways to accommodate assistive devices like wheelchairs or walkers. This can help those with mobility challenges move around your home more easily.

Enhance bathroom safety by installing a step-in shower. Although this is a more time-consuming and expensive investment, it can eliminate the need to step over a high barrier and help prevent falls.

These upgrades may extend the time you or your loved one can stay in the home where so many precious memories have been made, but sometimes safety concerns mean staying at home is no longer an option. With over 20 years of service to families in search of senior living options, Commonwealth Senior Living is committed to providing personalized solutions that will give you peace of mind. Our goal is to improve the lives of seniors, their families, and each other. This starts with giving families as much information as possible to assist in making the right choices for them. That's why we partnered with the decision-making experts at Roobrik to offer an anonymous online assessment for families. This simple, conversational assessment asks questions covering the current situation, concerns, care needs, and what kinds of things are important. It takes just 4-5 minutes and provides value insights outlining potential needs and support options that may be appropriate.

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