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Helping Those Who Help Others: Our 2023 Commonwealth Cares Golf Classic

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 14 Oct 2023
Helping Those Who Help Others: Our 2023 Commonwealth Cares Golf Classic

Helping others and caring about each other has always been a staple of Commonwealth Senior Living. Mimicking those same Core Values, Commonwealth Cares, our 50103, helps associates and their families during financial crises. "We know life happens outside the four walls at work and Commonwealth Cares is our Core Values in action! We've learned of individuals being homeless due to domestic violence or the loss of a loved one. They are incredibly challenging situations where we can provide a lifeline," says Chief Human Resource Officer, Tommy Comer.

The Annual Commonwealth Cares Golf Classic is the organization's largest fundraiser and helps us set the foundation up for the following year. It is also a great opportunity for partners of Commonwealth Senior Living to see the impact. Each year at the tournament, we ask someone to share their story of how the fund helped them and their family. This year, it was held on October 2nd at the Birdwood Golf Course at the Boar's Head Resort. Jessie Boothe, the Program Director from Commonwealth Senior Living at Cedar Bluff, shared her story. "I am a single mom. My son is 8 years' old, and his name is Ryder. He was diagnosed with what's called Angelman Syndrome ... meaning his development is delayed. He has awful seizures, and that's where Commonwealth Cares helped. There's a safety bed for Ryder that I could not get approved by our insurance for six years. When another co-worker told me about Commonwealth Cares and how they may be able to help, I submitted everything I needed to. Not even a week later, I received an email saying I had been approved and I had a check within two days. I have forever grateful and thankful and blessed to be a part of Commonwealth Cares and Commonwealth Senior Living."

This year's golf classic raised approximately $165,000 for Commonwealth associates. We want to warmly congratulate the team from Simplot, who were our overall winners with the best score of the day.

We would like to thank this year's sponsors, especially our signature sponsors, Essensa & Innovatix, EmpowerMe, Southern Pharmacy, and Invesque. Additional thanks are owed to Fox Rehabilitation, Yardi, Facility 360, Smuckers, Gladys Doxey - glaJon Interiors, Sentrics, ALSCO, Ferguson, Kramer + Marks, NFP, Produce Source Partners, State Cleaning Solutions, Clark Service Equipment, Copy Fax, CRC, Encova, HealthCap (Chelsea Rhone), IX Foundation, Marsh, McDonald Building Company, O'Hagan Meyer, Procurement Partners, Rich Products Corporation, Simplot, T&N Printing, US Foods, Accushield. CarexTech Inc./SMILE, SB Fischer Group, Bevolution, Db3, Keany Produce, MYND VR, American Pest Control, Babylon MicroFarms, Davis, Bowen, & Friedel, Eversound, Hook Law, Paul Ashley, Pineapple Academy, Ally, and Predictive Index (Marty Ramseck).

Earl Parker, President and Chief Executive Officer, explains, "I am a firm believer that our people are our product at CSL. It is all about the teams that are providing care and services to our residents. We know life happens and challenging circumstances arise.  Commonwealth Cares allows us to help in those challenging times and provide a sort of 'safety net.' I think that is very impactful to our entire team and exemplifies our Core Values of CARING about people and doing the RIGHT THING."

Commonwealth Cares has given away close to $800,000 since the organization started in 2016. Many Commonwealth Senior Living associates contribute to the fund via payroll deductions or through community fundraisers. If you are interested in helping us make a difference, click the button below to donate today.

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