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Life at Commonwealth Memory Care at Chesapeake

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 30 Jun 2022
Life at Commonwealth Memory Care at Chesapeake

Commonwealth Memory Care at Chesapeake is unique in that our team has received advanced dementia training as well as being certified dementia practitioners. This means our team is able to offer the most empathetic care and share this experience and knowledge with families so they're able to better understand where their loved ones are, to meet them at their level. Brenda O'Donnell, one of our residents' family members, said, "When I walked in here, Miss Patrice met me at the door and felt like when I left here, I left family." 

At CMC Chesapeake, families have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved one is benefiting from 24-hour care from our loving associates and an award-winning memory care program. Lester Brown Jr., the son of one of our residents, said "What made me know it was time for him to go to memory care was that without 24-hour care, he would wander off...It's almost impossible to give him 24-hour care by ourselves. I'm grateful to all the members at Commonwealth and how they take care of my dad. I would describe Commonwealth as a family. Everyone knows each other."

Rebecca Soliday, Program Director, explained that "Mr. McBride used to work for the Ford plant and upon moving in, we had to come up with some creative ways to keep him entertained and engaged. One of the ways we did so was by providing him with Ford plant paperwork. He would go through and highlight all the different things that were wrong in the manuals before they got printed for the Ford plant." Understanding who our residents are and where they have come from is the foundation of our Sweet Memories program. Knowing each individual's history allows us to provide person-centered care in ways that are both positive and meaningful to the residents, their families, and our team. An example of how we're able to personalize our programs to our residents is through our Program of Fine Arts. Nearly everyone, at some point in their lives, has participated in the fine arts. They may be a musician or a lover of music, a dancer or a ballet enthusiast. Maybe they come alive as a writer or as an avid reader of classic literature. Through the Program of Fine arts, our team engages or re-engages those who have a long history of creative pursuits. 

If someone has always loved visiting new places, they can eexplore anywhere in the world from their own suite with our MyndVR headsets. Additionally, our Travel the World program takes our residents on new and exciting adventures discovering our world. Take a look at our Resident Programs Calendar to see what else we have in store this month here. 

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Improving the lives of seniors and their families is central to everything we do at Commonwealth Senior Living and we're grateful to have our residents and their loved ones recognize our ability to do so at Commonwealth Memory Care at Chesapeake as we strive to welcome residents "home." Read more of what families are saying here. We're proud to have been recognized by U.S. News and World Report as Best Memory Care in Chesapeake, Virginia for 2021 and by as Best Memory Care in Chesapeake and Hampton, Virginia for 2022.

We invite you to come see all our community has to offer.  

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