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Never Stop Exploring: Travel the World Comes Home for Road Trip USA in 2018

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 29 Dec 2017
Never Stop Exploring: Travel the World Comes Home for Road Trip USA in 2018

paula-harderBy Paula Harder, Vice President of Resident Programs

For the past two years Commonwealth Senior Living has taken our residents on an adventure to see the world. Travel the World is a program that takes us on a new adventure every month to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and culture of interesting places around the world. Our travels have allowed us to try out new dance moves native to Ireland, read and share the literary works of an author from China, and taste test the lovely wines of Italy all from the comfort of home.

Many of our residents have done extensive traveling in their lives, and have been able to share their memories, expertise and photos with their community neighbors. For those that have not experienced all the world has to offer, Travel the World brings new and exotic places right into their living room. Learning and trying new things is what makes life interesting and keeps us young at heart. Travel the World offers a continuing opportunity to travel and learn new things, while enjoying the familiarity of our own surroundings.

We are excited for what 2018 will bring. Travel the World will come closer to home with 2018 Road Trip USA. Our Program Professionals are already planning for our destinations which kick off in January in Alaska! Many of our communities have walking groups and are counting their steps as a fun way to track their progress by ticking off miles with each step. The more steps they collect the closer the get to each destination. That's quite a motivation to keep active.

Road Trip 2018 will be taking us to Louisiana, Colorado, California, New York and many other stops along the way. We will all be "Home for Christmas in Virginia" to wrap up our fascinating and adventurous travels. We hope you will join us in 2018. There is plenty of room for everyone, so never stop exploring! Learn more about our Travel the World program here.


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