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Signs That Its Time

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 27 Apr 2022
Signs That Its Time

May 2022 

Have you found yourself wondering if your parents are safe living at home? It may be time to consider additional support. Are they able to keep up with the house? Or are you concerned about a change in their weight or appearance? Have they lost interest in things they once enjoyed? These are all reasons to pause and reflect, as they may be signs your loved one is no longer safe, or happy, living at home. 

A visit with your parents after several months away can give you a snapshot of how well they are able to function while living independently. If you notice signs that maintaining a household may be starting to overwhelm them, it might be the right time to spark a family discussion about safer options. 

In our upcoming free presentation, you'll learn the signs for concern and what support options are available to you.

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