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Special Screenings of Edith + Eddie 2019

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 15 Feb 2019
Special Screenings of Edith + Eddie 2019
As a senior or child of a senior, understanding the complexities surrounding the aging process can be overwhelming. Seniors have more options than ever related to living arrangements, medical support, and care preferences. Navigating those issues can be daunting but are increasingly necessary. Commonwealth Senior Living invites you to participate in a special conversation about the importance of advanced planning for a senior loved one. During the event, attendees will screen Academy Award-nominated Edith + Eddie. The movie chronicles the lives of two seniors from Alexandria, Virginia whose lives are upended because their wishes were not documented properly. Each screening will include a discussion with local senior advocates who will answer questions and provide best practices for advanced planning. A complete list of dates, venues, and locations can be found below. Please know that you aren't alone, and there are more organizations than ever available to help you and your loved ones through this journey. Many families find great comfort in simply giving us a call, knowing there is someone there to listen and offer caring advice. Visit our communities page.

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