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Starting the Conversation

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 13 Jan 2023
Starting the Conversation

It's official. The holidays are over. The hustle and bustle of presents and loved ones visiting has come to an end, and now is the time to get back to our regular routines. Many families saw loved ones after months and months apart due to the pandemic. Even socially distanced visits may reveal issues. It is normal to wonder, Is Mom really safe living alone? Will she be able to keep up with the house? Should we start talking about senior living?

For many families with aging parents, these visits unveiled issues that they weren't aware of. This can stir up a lot of feelings. You may wonder, what is happening when we aren't here? Is she safe? What should I do? The guilt that you aren't able to care for a loved one yourself as well as the fear and sadness that they aren't doing as well as you'd hoped can be staggering. But it's best to start preparing a plan for a senior living community that you both would feel comfortable with now rather than being forced to make a choice once it is an emergency.

Here are some tips for discussing your concerns with your loved one:

  • Remind Mom or Dad that you love them and are worried about their well-being.
  • Ask what he/she would need to happen for them to decide it was time to move.
  • Discuss his/her concerns about senior living and what he/she would like to see in a community.

This guide provides more direction on how to prepare for the conversation. There are more options in senior living than there ever have been. From high rise condominiums in major metropolitan areas to quiet villas in the country, there are simply more offerings and styles of living for seniors (as well as levels of care) than have ever existed before. It's very important to know what options are available in order to choose the right fit when the time comes. Talking with loved ones about their options is the best first step to finding the lifestyle they deserve.

If you have realized over the holiday season that a loved one might need more care, let us help you get started. Please reach out to the community nearest you for more personalized guidance on approaching this conversation today.

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