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Should We Bring Mom or Dad Home from Their Community for the Holidays?

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 22 Dec 2023
Should We Bring Mom or Dad Home from Their Community for the Holidays?

As we count down the days to Christmas, many families are asking themselves, "Should we go visit Mom or Dad at their community or bring them home for the day?" The answer isn't always the same as every family's situation is different. Our experts pose these questions to help you in your decision:

  • Where would Mom or Dad feel most comfortable? Many residents have settled into their community and it feels like home. Additionally, loved ones with Alzheimer's and dementia can become disoriented when changing their familiar environment or routines. A mini holiday in your  home may be a good fit for some people, but a mini celebration in their suite or community could be equally enjoyable for them. Maybe this is the year the holidays are centered less around activities at multiple locationsand focus rather on taking time to enjoy spending quality time together. The holidays are a great time to reminisce, listen to music, and maybe enjoy a cookie or two, regardless of the location.
  • How long can Mom or Dad be engaged before getting tired? Growing up, your family may have always gone to pick out a Christmas tree together or gone caroling, but the family of five it used to be, has turned into 25. Take into consideration if Mom or Dad will be able to keep up with the same activities. Focus on a family tradition that everyone can participate in - from Mom or Dad to the grandkids. Even if you aren't able to recreate your memories exactly, you're still making new memories as a family.
  • What will the atmosphere in our house be like? In their community, Mom or Dad could return to their suite for a quick nap or relaxation time before dinner or between activities. Once the hustle and bustle of the holiday traditions are over, consider if they'll have a quiet place to themselves if they come to your home.

For some families, celebrating the holidays at their parents' assisted living or memory care neighborhood is a great fit. Our associates are there to help with their physical needs, there are celebrations, and this most likely has become the place Mom or Dad feel most at home.

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