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The Meaning Behind the Pineapple

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 12 Mar 2024
The Meaning Behind the Pineapple

Did you know the significance of the pineapple goes beyond just being a symbol of hospitality? Surprisingly, only about half of the people we meet know the rich history and cultural significance of this tropical fruit.

The origins of the pineapple as a symbol of hospitality can be traced back to Christopher Columbus' voyage to the Caribbean in the late 15th century. European explorers were the first to document tasting this exotic and delicious fruit, and it quickly became highly sought after. Its rarity and unique taste made it a status symbol, often reserved for the elite, and presented as a gift to royalty.

As time passed, the pineapple's popularity grew, becoming a prized fruit that symbolized warmth, friendship, and generosity. It took centuries for the fruit to be cultivated outside of its native tropical regions, making it even more valuable.

The presence of a pineapple in a home or at a gathering became a sign that the hosting family spared no expense and highly valued their guests' company. It became a gesture of welcome and hospitality to show appreciation and make guests feel special.

The seven leaves on our logo's pineapple represent our Core Values, with an extra leaf symbolizing our Noble Selling Purpose.

  1. We CARE about PEOPLE.
  2. We DO the RIGHT thing.
  4. We SPEAK UP!
  5. We take OWNERSHIP and ADD VALUE.
  6. We are RESPECTFUL.

The pineapple's warmth and hospitality are incorporated into everything we do, from the freshly baked bread every morning to the monthly family nights where we connect with our residents' loved ones. The pineapple in our logo serves as a constant reminder and promise of a warm welcome.

If you want to learn more about our communities and how we embrace the pineapple each day, please get in touch with the community nearest to you.

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