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Traveling the World with MyndVR

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 17 Jun 2022
Traveling the World with MyndVR

At Commonwealth Senior Living, just as Paula Harder, Vice President of Resident Programs, says, "A really big part of our company culture is focusing on how much joy can we give our residents on any given day." Imagine being able to revisit the street you played on as a child from the comfort of your own home you live in as an adult. This is the beauty of the virtual reality experience MyndVR provides for our residents. The headsets allow our residents to play with a room full of puppies or sing holiday carols on a snowy street in New England, all from their own suite. This evidence-based technology offers the sensation of being out on an adventure, which has positive health benefits such as increased attention, improved motor skills, and orientation. And it's really, really fun - just look at the smiles on our residents' faces!

Frank, one of our residents at Commonwealth Senior Living at Charlottesville, was married to his wife, Claire, for over 50 years. During that time, they traveled the world together and saw so many beautiful places along the way. After Claire passed, MyndVR was able to bring Frank the powerful experience of seeing many of the places he'd visited in person, like the formal gardens in Dallas, Texas, and feel as though she were right there with him. 

Paula says, "Our culture is all about the individual and making sure we honor who the person was before they came to us and who they are going to continue to be." MyndVR allowed another one of our residents, a former U.S. Airforce pilot, to do just that. His daughter shared with us that through using the headset, her father was given the opportunity to experience his very fond memories of being in the plane after all these years. 

We are honored to partner with MyndVR to add to our residents' daily experience through enjoying the sites of other countries or seeing a performance in a live opera house. Come explore with us today! See what's on the schedule at our Center of Excellence this month as we Travel the World to the Great Barrier Reef. 

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