Independent Living is the perfect lifestyle choice for those who want to maintain their independence and freedom but want to be free of the worries and responsibilities of home ownership. Choosing to live at a Commonwealth Senior Living community offers the comfort, convenience and services you want, but also adds the many opportunities to be active, engaged, and enjoy a healthy social life. Imagine waking up in the morning and your only thought is, “What do I want to do today?”

You don’t have to worry about wasting time with chores or responsibilities. We’ve got that covered. We’ll take care of the cooking, cleaning, linens, and even the apartment maintenance. Indulge in delicious dining featuring our signature Farm-to-Table and Today from the Bay menus or Dining Delights special themes that spice up the dining experience, work out in the fitness center, enjoy a movie with friends, go for a walk, or relax with a good book in the library. The choices and possibilities are yours! 

Less Blah

  • Spacious apartment floorplans with storage
  • Onsite beauty salon
  • Restaurant-style dining room
  • Library
  • On-site physical therapy available

More Aha

  • Bi-Weekly housekeeping
  • Home maintenance and landscaping included
  • Award-winning Farm-to-Table Dining
  • Scheduled Transportation
  • Team members on site 24/7
  • Personal care services available if needed


Sometimes focusing on wellness is as simple as having a team manage life’s necessities: maintaining the home, cooking the meals, cleaning the house while you focus on the elements that bring you joy.

Travel the World

This unique resident program takes our CSL residents on new and exciting adventures discovering our world. Each year hosts a new theme such as Road Trip USA, Back to the Future – Decades, and Dream Vacation Destinations. During the year, each month takes us to a different locale to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and culture of our destination. 2021 is Dream Vacation Destinations which includes Europe by Train, Wine Country, Summer Camp and Island Hoping, to name a few. Our monthly Resident Programs Calendar is filled with exciting Travel the World events through-out the month, along with our many other programs that engage our residents on a daily basis. There is something for everyone at Commonwealth Senior Living.


Imagine being able to revisit the street you played on as a child from the comfort of your own home you live in as an adult. This is the beauty of the virtual reality experience for our residents. MyndVR headsets allow our residents to fly in an airplane, walk through a flower garden, play with a room full of puppies, or sing holiday carols on a snowy street in New England – all from their own suite. This evidence-based technology offers the sensation of being out on an adventure which has positive health benefits such as increased attention and improved motor skills and orientation. Not to mention it is really, really fun!

Family Night

At Commonwealth Senior Living, we know family is everything. Family Night is an opportunity for families, residents, and associates to spend time together and get to know one another in a relaxed and comfortable setting. It’s a time for the caregiving team to build relationships with you and your loved one as a part of our family.


Fresh, locally grown ingredients are the cornerstone of a healthy diet and satisfying meals. Commonwealth works with a broad network of local farmers and food producers to provide residents with appetizing seasonal fare every day.

  • Sam Rust Seafood
  • Archlynn Farm
  • Beanstalk
  • C & E Farms
  • Cassell Farms
  • Church Hill Produce
  • Cole Berry Farm
  • Crown Orchards Co.
  • Dublin Farms
  • Fresh2o Growers
  • Goldman Farm
  • Hanovertown Farm
  • Kirby Farm
  • Maggard Farms
  • Marks Farm
  • Mountain View Orchard
  • Newmarket Plantation
  • Parker Farms
  • Pendleton Farm
  • Robbins Family Farm
  • Red Sun Farms
  • River Ridge Organics
  • Riverside Farm
  • Rinker Orchards
  • Rosa's Garden
  • Saunders Brothers
  • Snake Creek Farms
  • Sunnyside Farm
  • Turkey Knob Orchards
  • Wenger Grapes
  • Whistle Creek Apiaries
  • Chicone Farms
  • Eastern Shore Growers
  • Fifer Orchards
  • Miller Farms

Planning Your Journey

We don’t have to tell you that moving to a senior living community is a big step. Here are a few resources to help you start thinking about finances, your continuum of care, and the quality of life you’re looking for. When you’re ready to develop a more detailed personal plan, just schedule an appointment with one of our community ambassadors. No strings attached.

Our Promise to Veterans is Personal

The sacrifices our armed services have made for this country are many, and we feel it’s our duty to create a commitment to their care in the same light as their commitment to our freedom.

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Health Benefits of Hobbies for Older Adults

After retirement, some seniors prefer to maintain a part-time job, but others may not know what to do with all the time they’ve suddenly gained in their day. Embracing hobbies are a great way to boost physical health and mental health.

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Planning for the Future

You’re the kind of person who plans ahead. You chose a home that fit your budget and helped the kids pay for college. Now it’s time to start preparing for your future by choosing a senior living community. But how much will it cost?

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