Preparing to Visit Senior Living Communities

As we discussed previously, there are several signs that a loved one is not getting the support they deserve and starting that conversation is best when you’ve already researched options in the area. 

It’s best to start preparing a plan for the future you both would feel comfortable with now rather than being forced to make a choice once it’s an emergency. But before you start that important conversation with your loved one, you should research and visit a few communities first.  

As you’re researching the assisted living communities in your area, you’re very likely to be happily surprised by what you discover. These are a few tips in addition to visiting websites to help you begin looking into the positive and enjoyable aspects of assisted living: 

  • Talk to peers and family friends who have already made the move to assisted living. They will likely have advice on areas you haven’t thought of, like choosing an estate sale company or support groups in your area. 
  • Talk to other adult children whose parents have recently moved to a senior living community. Ask the communities you are considering if they have current family members you could speak with. 
  • Consult trusted professionals such as ministers, priests, rabbis, or local senior support organizations. These respected leaders can provide comfort and guidance to you and your loved one during this time of transition. 

If you haven’t visited a senior living community in a while, leave behind your old ideas. Senior living communities have truly come of age, so to speak, over the past few years. You will have many options to consider, and that’s a good thing. You’re sure to find a community that feels like “home” and offers just what you are hoping to find. This checklist will help you evaluate the lifestyle each of the senior living communities you visit is offering. Download it for yourself here.

choosing the right assisted living checklist

To discuss the results of your checklist, contact the community nearest you today.