The Meaning Behind the Pineapple

Do you know what the pineapple symbol represents? When speaking with people that interact with our company, only about half of them knew the meaning behind the pineapple and its rich history of hospitality.

The origins of the pineapple as a symbol of hospitality date back to the late 15th century and Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Caribbean. This was when European explorers first documented tasting the tropical fruit, and it took centuries for the fruit to be presented at tables without royal titles being that it was in such high demand. Therefore, the presence of a pineapple meant that the family hosting the event spared no expense and greatly values their guest’s company.

The seven leaves of our logo’s pineapple represent our Core Values and an extra for our Noble Selling Purpose.

  1. We CARE about PEOPLE.
  2. We DO the RIGHT thing.
  4. We SPEAK UP!
  5. We take OWNERSHIP and ADD VALUE.
  6. We are RESPECTFUL.

The silent reminder of hospitality is included in everything we do – from the fresh baked breads every morning to the monthly family nights where we connect with our residents’ loved ones. The pineapple in our logo is our reminder and promise of welcoming.

To learn more about our communities and how we embrace the pineapple each day, contact the community nearest you.