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Celebrating the Holidays at Commonwealth Senior Living

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 17 Nov 2023
Celebrating the Holidays at Commonwealth Senior Living

With the holidays quickly approaching, we're all busy making plans and preparing our homes. During this active time, you may be wondering, "Will mom still have the chance to bake cookies?" "Will Grandma still be able to attend our family dinner?" "Is there somewhere where Dad can display his favorite decorations?" We understand these details make the holidays special and look forward to finding opportunities to include them in our communities.

Our goal is for residents to enjoy the holidays in our communities as usual. We strongly encourage families to embrace opportunities to create new traditions and memories in their new home. Leigh Morehead, Executive Director at Commonwealth Senior Living at Georgian Manor, says, "We encourage families to join us for Family Nights, special outings, and holiday-themed activities all in an environment of holiday festivities and love."  

Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

One way our communities celebrate the holiday season is by decorating common areas with festive decorations. This adds to the overall atmosphere and can bring back memories of past holidays for residents. Cameron Dusman, Resident Programs Director at Commonwealth Senior Living at Radford, explains, "Most of our residents celebrate Christmas, so we go big on the Christmas decorations at our community! At the end of November, we put up multiple Christmas trees, one for each of the common areas around the community."

In addition to adding seasonal decorations, our Resident Programs teams host several special events and activities during the holidays. These may include holiday concerts, group cookie-baking, or even a visit from Santa Claus. Cameron says, "We look forward to hosting many holiday programs including holiday decorating, crafting ornaments and wreaths, baking and cooking favorite holiday recipes, and Travel the World programs themed to holiday destinations." These events can help bring residents together and create a sense of community. Leigh describes her most memorable holiday celebration at CSL, "The Georgian Manor choir practiced several traditional Christmas songs and hymns for months leading up to December to give a performance at the holiday party. They sang their hearts out and there wasn't an empty chair in the room. My heart was so full of pride for them as they came together to sing out as one."

Our communities' Dining Services teams join the festivities by planning special holiday menus for residents to enjoy. This allows them to experience traditional holiday meals without the stress of cooking and cleaning up afterward. Chef Eric Payne at Commonwealth Senior Living at Cedar Manor shared his favorite holiday recipe, Friendship Cake. Download the recipe and try it for yourself!



Encouraging Families to Celebrate Together

Families are always welcome to visit our communities anytime. Our hope is for family members to be just as comfortable and at home as our residents. Cameron says, "This year our November Friends and Family Night will be on Thanksgiving Day, and families are invited to join us for a traditional holiday meal. Throughout November and December, family members visiting from out of state for a few days will join us for holiday programs and activities. In December we also host a holiday card workshop to assist residents with sending cards to their loved ones."

Preparing for the Winter Weather

Being prepared in advance is the best way to avoid hazards from winter weather. Our team of Maintenance Directors begins work before the season begins. Alex Torres, Maintenance Director at Commonwealth Senior Living at Churchland House, says, "We prepare our community for the winter by ensuring all our heat pumps and fan coil units are fully functional so we can provide the best heat for our residents and associates. We make sure our generator is working properly by checking the battery and having the unit on standby."

Our communities truly embody the spirit of the holiday season by providing a warm and welcoming environment for residents, their families, and our associates. One of the most important ways we celebrate is by providing a sense of companionship and support. Many seniors may feel lonely or isolated during this time of year, especially if they have lost loved ones. Our goal is to create a community of peers who can become like family, providing comfort and friendship. With the bonus of not having to worry about decorating or hosting events, everyone can focus on simply enjoying the joy and magic of this special time of year. We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful and memorable holiday season, no matter where you choose to spend it. Whether in the comfort of your own home or in one of our communities, may this be a time for love, laughter, and cherished moments with those closest to you. Cheers to a happy and fulfilling holiday season!

If you are interested in learning more about how we celebrate the holiday season, click the button below to contact the community nearest you.

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