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Growing a Lasting Career with Commonwealth

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 13 Mar 2024
Growing a Lasting Career with Commonwealth

We recently received a letter from a former employee who we consider an important part of the Commonwealth family. Ariel is now a Registered Nurse at Sentara Life Care, but her journey began with us 5 years ago at Commonwealth Senior Living at Kings Grant. We were so touched by her words, and we think you will be, too.

"So finally, a year after graduating high school, I signed up to take a CNA course. I was only 18 at the time. After the course I took my state boards and BAM! I was officially a licensed CNA. I felt as if I finally took my first step towards reaching my dream, but then I began to worry and ask myself "who would want to hire someone fresh out of CNA School?" Then, 2 months after turning 19, Kings Grant decided to take a chance on me! This was amazing news, especially because it was the only CNA job that I applied to, and it was close to home. I quickly fell in love with the building and maintained Top Talent status during my duration at Kings Grant. It was so amazing to get special recognition just for doing my job.

I guess my actions didn't go unnoticed because I was then requested to attend a CAL University - training with Tamara. It was so cool to think that I wasn't even 21 yet, and I was learning how to train and provide in-services to the Commonwealth Community. It wasn't long before I was assisting with tours in the building and coordinating activities in addition to my duties of being an aide. Your amazing company also helped me (in addition to other employees) become a Registered Medication Aide. So, after passing my boards I was able to pass medication to the residents that I love so dearly.

Commonwealth is an amazing community to get experience - not only for the staff but even for the hundreds of students I've seen on the floor over the years…learning to work the cart. There is a high turnover rate in healthcare, but I hope that my testimony can reassure other Commonwealth employees that there are opportunities for growth in this company.  I have witnessed firsthand how great this company is to its employees. I believe wholeheartedly that a significant amount of my success was not only due to my work ethic but also my loyalty and commitment to Commonwealth. "

We are thrilled that we were able to give Ariel an opportunity to do what she loves and hope to help others fulfill their dreams like she did. Interested in becoming a part of our team? Visit our careers page at


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