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We Love: The Heartfelt Commonwealth Difference

By: / 05 Jul 2024
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Caring for seniors is more than just tending to their physical health; it's also about nurturing their emotional and social well-being. At Commonwealth Senior Living, we embody this belief through our Noble Selling Purpose: "We Listen," "We Love," "We Care," and "We Serve." Among these key behaviors, "We Love" stands out as a commitment that goes beyond conventional care - it includes our dedication to fostering a warm and nurturing environment. Our goal is for residents, their families, and our associates to feel connected and supported, creating a community where everyone thrives.

Understanding the "We Love" Approach

Beyond the Norm in Senior Living

Our approach goes beyond assisting with activities of daily living. It's about creating an environment where love and compassion are central, fostering true relationships between associates, residents, and families.

Implementing the "We Love" Approach

Daily Strategies and Practices

At Commonwealth Senior Living, love manifests in various ways. Our Resident Programs teams often go the extra mile to celebrate residents' birthdays, organize surprise parties, and plan small outings tailored to the group's preferences. These gestures might seem trivial, but they make a world of difference to our residents and their families. Here are additional ways our associates practice the "We Love" approach daily: 

  • Create Shared Experiences: Our Resident Program Directors organize daily activities, events, and outings that foster community and engagement. We believe participation enhances connections and builds a sense of belonging. Check out the daily activities calendar at Commonwealth Senior Living at the Eastern Shore. 
  • Demonstrate Gratitude: At CSL, we consistently express appreciation for our residents and team members. Embracing our Core Value, "We are passionate, have fun, and celebrate success," this practice is integral to our communities.
  • Active Listening: Embodying the Commonwealth Senior Living Core Value, "We Speak Up!," and the first pillar of our Noble Selling Purpose, "We Listen," we want our residents to feel valued and heard. We actively encourage them and their families to share feedback in person, online, or during resident council meetings at participating communities. Through these channels, we can address concerns promptly and continuously improve the quality of our care and services. By fostering open communication, we build stronger, more trusting relationships with our residents and their loved ones, making our community a better place for everyone.

All Commonwealth associates are trained to recognize and respond to our residents' emotional needs. Regular team meetings, including daily stand-ups, ensure alignment and dedication to giving residents the care they deserve. 


TSOLife empowers our Resident Programs teams to connect deeply with residents through comprehensive interviews. This innovative platform tailors activities to meet individual preferences by providing precise insights into residents' interests. TSOLife not only helps our teams understand which activities residents enjoy but also ‘matches friends' by identifying shared hobbies and interests among new and current residents.

Impact on Families

For families, knowing their loved one is living in a nurturing environment is incredibly reassuring. That's why we go above and beyond to provide them with peace of mind, knowing their loved one is cared for and genuinely cherished. Families frequently share heartwarming stories about the transformative impact of this compassionate care approach.


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"We Love" is more than just a guiding principle; it's a commitment to improving the lives of seniors, providing peace of mind to families, and fostering an environment of love and compassion for our associates. In doing so, we fulfill our Noble Selling Purpose and create a community where our residents feel at home. 

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