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"Why" We Chose Senior Living

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 04 Jun 2021

For our associates, their jobs are not only a job, but a passion. Everything we do is based on our Core Values. These values were built primarily by our frontline associates and guide us in what we do every day. We asked our associates why they chose a career in senior living, and here is what they had to say:

welcomeDawn Phillips, Activities Assistant at CSL Stratford House - "When I first applied to CSL Stratford House, it was for a job to make money. I had left a teaching career and was looking for something different where my talents could be used. My plan was to come into the Sweet Memories Neighborhood and teach the residents how to remember things they forgot. I wanted to be their lifeline in a time of COVID-19 when family could not be around. After working in Sweet Memories for one year on May 5, I have learned that just the reverse is true. The residents have taught me the things I had forgotten - how to be kind, eager to learn and share, how to be a part of group of friends who are strangers, and many, many other things. The residents have become my lifeline. I care so much for each of them as if they were my family. In a time of COVID-19, it is comforting to see so many people I care about smiling each day. That is why I come to work - to see the people I care about smiling and happy!"

commonweathRhonda Hollie, Program Director at CSL Stratford House - "My answer is simple. I have been doing this job here at CSL Stratford House, serving these residents and their families for over 27 years. I enter the community each day knowing if I can bring a smile to a resident's face, joy to their day, provide the care that they need, listen to their stories and provide a quality life for them, that is WHY I enjoy my job and have been providing this for this community for so long. There are many memories over the many years that fill my heart with joy just knowing I helped provide love, care and a listening ear to serve them with my whole heart."seniorliving3Soltana Fox, Program Director at CSL Berryville - "How could I think of just one why? How could I narrow down the hundreds of stories I have heard, the hundreds of hugs I have gotten and the thousands of smiles I see each and every day? After thinking about it for a few days, I finally had an answer. I have been with CSL for almost 4 years, first at CSL Front Royal and this year transferred to CSL Berryville. Every day is a new day, a new smile, a new laugh, a new tear, a new memory. My why is that some days I am the only person that a resident come into contact with. I am that resident's daughter, granddaughter, sister and best friend. Sometimes I was even a husband. But to that person at that time, I was their somebody. Each day I am thankful and blessed to be able to spend my days with the residents - the people who I can laugh and cry with. They are my family. They are the reason, besides my husband and children, that I can get out of bed and enjoy my day. My husband once asked me if we won the lottery if I would quit my job, and I immediately said NO. It's not a job to me, it's one of the best parts of my day. My why? Why not? Why not spend a few minutes making someone happy? Why not sit and sing a few songs with someone? Why not hold the hand of someone who needs that extra special touch? Why not give that person a hug when you can tell they are having a bad day?"seniorliving4Hannah Hembree, Program Assistant at CSL Oak Ridge - "Why do I tumble out of bed, stumble into the kitchen and pour myself a cup of ambition? I do it because I know that at some point in the day, I'm going to get to make someone smile. There's no greater feeling than knowing that you've made someone's day brighter. Next to laughter, music is one of the best medicines out there to calm a worried mind and lift a spirit. I try to bring that into the lives of our residents every day. It gives me life to see a resident's face light up as they listen to music. I feel that music connects us, not only to the world around us, but to one another's souls. Could there be anything more rewarding than that? That is why I do what I do."seniorliving5Susan Bell, Program Director at CSL Front Royal - "When I was a little girl, I was blessed to have both sets of grandparents who were very active in my life. Both of my parents worked, so I spent my days with my grandmother, grandfather and their friends. Their friends became my friends. My other granddaddy taught me how to drive, how to "rob" bees, how to drive a tractor and many other things that would have terrified my parents at the time. I learned a lot and loved hearing their stories. As we just celebrated Memorial Day, I have been in awe of the World War II stories that some of my former residents have shared with me. From the glider pilot for Operation "Market Garden" to someone whostormed the beaches at Normandy and was the only one in his platoon to walk away from the experience, to those who served all over the world and those who supported them at home. Their stories touch me and I am so grateful to be part of their lives. One of the many high points in my career was facilitating a visit to the Udvar-Hazy Museum to see the Enola Gay with my residents who served in WWII in the Pacific. That was the most touching moment ever. Of course, each resident got their picture taken in front of it, and some just stood there with tears in their eyes as they took a moment to reflect. Creating moments like these on many different levels, is what keeps me coming back day after day. To this day, I am more at ease with older adults than I am with anyone else. I find it the greatest of privileges to spend my days creating joyful moments, events, lending an ear, working out with, loving and caring for older adults. This is the most rewarding job ever!"seniorliving6Elaine Abraham, Program Assistant at CMC Chesapeake - "My inspiration are my grandparents, especially my grandma Gavina. I love her dearly and I miss her so much. She is the reason why I am working in senior living. I feel that she is always with me when I am around seniors. I know that she is watching over me and so proud. There wasn't much time to spend with my grandparents. So, I realize that I should pay it forward and make a difference in someone's life. Our time is limited in this world. Everyday is a blessing. I am blessed that I have the opportunity to work in this environment."seniorliving7Savannah Reed, Activity Assistant at CMC Chesapeake - "I am still pretty new here at CMC Chesapeake, but I sure am loving this job so far! My 'why' tends to fluctuate depending on when I am asked but overall it is because I am very happy to have found a niche that I am comfortable in and can see the way I affect the resident's days. Being in this memory care community is different than assisted living because for some of the residents, when they see me, it may feel like the first time meeting me again. Although I know my name is not remembered by the residents most of the time, I understand that they trust me and realize I provide a happy environment for them. This is an incredible feeling for me! I always enjoy being able to see their moods and facial expressions improve during the day due to the activities that we are providing. Overall, I would say that my 'why' is to be able to improve the days of my residents. Any time I can make them feel loved and listened to is very rewarding for me."seniorliving8Kristi Mason, Program Director at CSL Abingdon - "I was raised with my grandparents, so being around seniors was my life. Over the last few weeks, I realized times goes too fast. I will give you a poem. 'Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed again. Enjoy every moment in life.' So my "why" is time - time with my residents, families, and coworkers that become family. I used my time to prepare fun memories and events for our residents each day. I'm all about time with our residents. I know more about their lives past and now, than anyone in the community because I get the time with them as my job. Time is special, crucial and needed always."seniorliving9Chantal Sigmon, Program Assistant at CSL Bel Air - "When we were asked why we do what we do, I couldn't figure out an exact reason. I knew a long time ago I chose the wrong career path. I was a 14 year old kid in a vocational high school that chose art over medicine and never got as far as I'd have liked. I have a degree in graphic design and now as an adult, I am pursuing a degree in psychology. I hope to combine these two loves into an art therapy program to help our residents express themselves when words fail."10Mary Mathis, Program Director at CSL Bel Air - "I've worked in elder care in one capacity or another my whole adult life. It can be extremely challenging and very rewarding. 2020 has had its unique challenges and frustrations for everyone, but it was also my first year as a Program Director and probably one of my most rewarding years ever at a job. In a year where so many were isolating at home and working online, I consider myself lucky to be able to get up and out every day to see people who have become my own surrogate family. We have always said at Commonwealth we are each other's family, but never have I felt that as much as I have this past year. And for the first time in my working career, I came to realize that I needed these folks as much as they may have needed me."11Shannon Sobieski, Program Director at CSL Cedar Manor - "Senior living is more than a career, it is a calling for me. Being the Program Director at CSL Cedar Manor gives me purpose and meaning in my life. My job makes me want to get up everyday and improve the lives of seniors. Since I was a little girl, I always had a special bond with my grandmother. Everyday when I come into work, I look at our residents and they remind me of the time I spent with my grandmother. Time is precious to me. Since I no longer have my grandparents, I look forward to building relationships with my residents. I strive to build strong relationships with families so they trust me and know their loved one is in good hands. I know my grandmother is looking down on me and proud of me for improving the lives of seniors."12Jennifer Roberts, Program Director at CSL Chesterfield - "The question is 'why,' but there are so many reasons why I do this job. My grandfather passed away from dementia, encouraging me to want to understand the disease more. I wish I knew then what I know now thanks to all the training CSL offers. I could say my 'why' is my residents, paying bills, or just simply that I love what I do. But my main 'why' is the family members. I have reunited families with their loved one so they can transition in peace, knowing they have been forgiven. They are my family, and what do you do for family? You protect your own. I have been shown so much support and love from families - I have been in slide shows at memorials, invited to yearly family reunions, and even invited on family vacations! Reading the card below, you will understand 'why' it's about families!"13Vickey Gibson, Activities Assistant at CSL Chesterfield - "I have been working with seniors for 11 years, and the question is 'why?' I say, 'why not?' Seniors are my passion. After taking care of my parents, I learned they need a lot of understanding, love and attention. If I can put a smile on their face, then I feel like I made a difference. I want my residents to know that I'm there to make sure they are always treated with dignity and respect. I always come to work with a positive attitude no matter what because one thing we all need to remember is, it's about the residents, not ourselves."14Corrine Shelor, Program Director at CSL Christiansburg - "God, Self, Family, Work. What does this mean to me? God: God guides me to those who are in need. Self: Remembering I am important and that I matter. Family: They are my love and support system. Work: It not only gives me the ability to provide, but is one of the best jobs I've ever had. I get to see the smiling faces of residents every day and let them know they matter, are special, and that no matter how old we get, life is precious. So make the most of it and have fun!"15Linda Fasnacht, Program Assistant at CSL Christiansburg - "The best reason why I love my job is the residents' smiles! It is suc a joy to see them smile because of the activities I do with them, or the crazy jokes I tell them, or just simply talking to them. I was supposed to retire from working in 2 years, but I love my job so much; I think I'll stick around for 7 years and retire at age 67. Each day I go home knowing I made these very special people smile. I can't ask for more joy in my life."16Michelle Maxey, Concierge at CSL Christiansburg - "The residents are why I come to work every day. Five and a half years ago, when I first started, I thought to myself, "how am I ever going to remember all these names?" Now fast forward to today, I feel like I'm just as much a part of their family as they are to me."17Kayla Colonna, Programming Assistant at CSL Eastern Shore - "My 'why' stems from when I was a teenager. I always enjoyed doing volunteer work and helping out wherever I could. I eventually became a part of an organization called REACH (Real Experiences Affecting Change). We did all sorts of volunteer work from painting churches, building wheel chair ramps, and helping out at the local homeless shelter. My all-time favorite part was hearing their stories, each and every person has a story to tell. There is a Bible verse that says 'You are the salt of the Earth.' Have you ever considered the many uses of salt? As being this salt, I help preserve life in my residents. I help to create a thirst in others to live. I desire to work with my residents to help melt away their hardness. In ancient times, salt was a valuable commodity and people were rewarded with it. It is rewarding today to be that salt. We as a programming team are the salt in our residents' lives."18Laurie Redilla, Program Director at CSL Georgian Manor - "I grew up having my grandparents in the backyard. I saw my grandparents daily. It was a rare occasion if we did not have breakfast, lunch, or dinner together. My grandparents were with us when my parents were working, snow days from school, family celebrations, and holidays. In fact, our local school system always commented when my grandfather would come to pick us up from school. His reason was we had a "dental" appointment. the school secretary once said, "those kids must have the cleanest teeth in town." Really my Poppy wanted a lunch date and always said there was more learning to do outside of school doors. I really cannot remember a time when they were not with us. As a child I took this process for granted. It was natural and an amazing experience. As I started my own family and found myself in a new state and without family around, I realized the importance of seniors in our lives. My children didn't have the same relationship I had with their grandparents. They're close to my family, but it's not like being next door. Phone calls, facetimes, text messages, and note cards became their way of staying in touch. As they grew older and more independent, I changed career paths and started to work in senior living. I have never looked back! I love the opportunity to hear someone's story, tell a story of my own, play cards, take a walk, eat an ice cream cone, have a coffee, or just sit and hold someone's hand. Our seniors enrich our lives more than I can ever express. I thank God every day for the incredible journey He has led me down and for the incredible people I have met along the way. Life at Commonwealth Senior Living is good!"19Susann Capone, Activities Director at CSL Georgian Manor - "I didn't know how to put into words how I feel about working with the seniors and how I feel like I am making a difference in their lives. Until one day, I was watching the maple tree seeds floating through the air and landing everyone. Some landed on the grass, some landed on the pavement, and as I watched, I realized the maple seeds were like my residents. The residents that are kept busy through activities, which would be the seeds that landed on the grass and soil, have a better chance to thrive and flourish. The seeds that land on the pavement don't have a good chance of thriving but withering away. That's what we do in Programming. We are like the gentle breeze that comes along and blows the seeds off the pavement onto the soil and gives them the chance."20Nichole Hanson, Activities Assistant at CSL Georgian Manor - "Waking up each morning and getting ready for work is so easy when you love what you do. People ask all the time what I love about my job. I sit back and reflect on my days of reminiscing, hearing stories about the 'one true love' of the resident's life, the smiles and laughter they contribute to the community each day, and how they light up with visits from family and friends. I have great fulfillment in my day knowing I have helped enrich the lives of my residents. Each resident is special to me. They could remind me of my grandma, a friend's mom or dad, or an older neighbor I used to have. They make me a better person! If I made them smile, 'I did my job,' but they make me smile too! Thank you CSL for allowing me to be a part of a big family!"21Jazmin Cuevas Perez, Activities Assistant at CSL Gloucester House - "I have fell in love with my job, with our residents, and how I can help their families. I am from Puerto Rico and my entire family is still there, so when I come to work, the residents make me feel like I am at home. I know that I am not alone anymore, and they need me as much as I need them. I am fortunate that I can be here with the residents to help them through this change, just as a family member would."22James Ramsburg, Program Director at CSL Hagerstown - "I chose to work at CSL because caring for individuals with dementia is my calling. I feel as if I am making a difference in my community and in the lives of the residents that we serve. I feel as though I belong at CSL and I cannot imagine working anywhere else!"23Jennifer Dickey, Activities Assistant at CSL Hagerstown - "Ralph Waldo Emerson left us a quote worthy to share in this moment; 'The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.' My initial 'why' comes from losing my grandfather to Alzheimer's. I watched the wrong facility and careless caregivers bring endless grief to my family. I want to make a difference in the lives of our greatest generation. I want to be that daughter, granddaughter, sister, or friend when my residents need one. I want to lift their spirits through love, laughter, and music. I want their lives to be better just because I am blessed enough to be a part of them, even if it's only for a moment."24Sydney Keever, Program Director at CSL Hampton - "I enjoy making connections with our residents, making memories that we talk about the rest of the month, and turning any bad day to a good one. If I can make one resident smile or laugh, I know I had some part in making their day that much better. The residents are not only my friends, but have become a part of my family that I enjoy showing up to see every day."25Ashley-Nicole Nnadi, Program Assistant at CSL Hampton - "What really ignited my passion for this field was my oldest brother. He has autism, and I always wonder what will happen to him once my parents are no longer able to take care of him. How will his care be? What will he do out of his routine? I always knew I wanted to work with older adults. I want to be the reason they get out of bed each morning. I am there to remind them that they have a purpose. Just like my oldest brother, this is my family! And I will treat them the same if not better! That is why I do what I do."26Michelle Ofak, Program Director at CSL Harrisburg - "When I was 18 years old starting out as an aide, there was a woman who went to the casino with her daughter every Sunday. Every morning, when I would go to get her ready for the day, she would pop out of bed, look up at me with joy and ask, "Is it Sunday?" I would reluctantly have to tell her no, it isn't Sunday. She then would give me a look that could kill and pronounce that she wasn't getting out of bed. After days and days of the same routine, I changed my approach. Instead of telling her no, she isn't going to the casino, I would ask her "When you go to the casino, are you going to bring a rich man back for me?" She giggled and said she needs one first! As I would get her ready for the day, we would joke back and forth about who is going to get a rich man first. Then, comes Sunday. When I knocked on her door, mmagain she would pop up and ask "Is it Sunday?" I then had the joy of telling her, yes it's Sunday! I have never seen an 89 year old woman pop out of bed so quickly! She would move faster than I could. I get her dressed, curled her hair, grabbed her purse and she was on her way! The whole building would cheer as she went through the halls Sunday mornings, almost like a parade. I don't know who ended up being more excited for Sundays, her or me!"27Evon Smith, Program Director at CSL Kilmarnock - "My why for working in the nursing field is my mom and dad. Growing up in a small community, I was taught to respect and help elders and that has followed me through life. My mom became sick and was put in the hospital and after several tests, she was diagnosed with cancer - that hit hard. I had been around sick people before, but this was my mom. When Mom came home, my family and I had to care for her. Later my dad had a stroke. That is when I realized I wanted to work in the nursing field. I went to school and got trained to be a Certified Nurse Aide. I worked in the nursing field for many years. I then realized I wanted to do more, and spend more time with seniors. This is when I started to work in activities. I have found working with my residents is enlightening. You can be having a not-so-good day, but seeing them can change your whole demeanor. I enjoy just sitting there and talking to them, and you can learn a lot. They have many stories to tell and good advice to give. I have become so close to some that when they are lost for words, I can fill in the blanks. At the end of the day, I walk out of the door to go home, but they stay because this is their home. This is why making their days here joyful is a blessing for me. They appreciate me for the little things that I do for them. I no longer have my parents and grandparents, but my residents fill that spot in my heart. This is why I love what I do."28Breniah Hart, Activity Assistant at CSL Kilmarnock - "Having a big heart can be a blessing or a lesson. When it comes to my residents, it's nothing but blessings each and every day. Although, they do teach me many lessons that I'll carry with me for the rest of my life. When I was about 13 years old, I went to a church camp and we visited a nursing home. We handed out small gifts and sat and talked with the residents just to brighten their day. I was drawn to one lady in particular and her name was Agnes. She told me her life story and began to cry. My little 13 year old heart broke for her. I sat, listened, held her hand and I cried with her. Ever since that day, I've had a soft spot for my elders, whether it's my grandparents or yours, the little old lady in the grocery store, or my residents. I'll continue to listen, hold hands, and love until I can't anymore. My residents don't even know how many times they've made my days brighter. I need them just as much as they need me."29DJ Cortijo, Program Assistant at CSL Kilmarnock - "I have worked in the healthcare industry for about 12 years now. My 'why' started off when I decided to volunteer at a local facility and within two weeks, they asked if I would like to work for them. I have always gravitated toward older people and always enjoyed their company and the things they told me about the past. As time progressed, I was afforded many opportunities and education, which I readily accepted. I went full-force into my learning to help me fully understand and enhance the residents' lives as much as I could. I try every day to let them know I am there for them - sometimes a gentle touch on the hand and a listening ear will make their day. I truly feel honored to be able to serve them and share my days with them. It is the most warming feeling to see their face light up and wish me a good morning and know that they miss me when I'm not there. I have many wonderful stories I'd love to share, but too many to list! But one in particular made me feel my worth. One of our much-loved residents was about to make his transition and his family had not arrived yet, and I wanted to make sure he wasn't alone. I used our earphones from our Sweet Melodies program to put on his ears and played his and his wife's favorite song, "Too Young" by Nat King Cole. He actually had a tear in his eye and passed listening to the song as I held his hand. When his family arrived, someone told them what had happened, and they thanked me and sent me a beautiful card. This was one of the many times I feel blessed to have been in this field. Thank you Commonwealth for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful journey!"30Shakeya Gates, Program Assistant at CSL Kings Grant House - "My love for seniors grew stronger over the past 6-7 years when both my grandparents who helped raised me took a turn for the worst while battling cancer and COPD. I found myself becoming a caregiver for both - opening up my home to take in my grandfather and traveling back and forth to New York monthly to check in on my grandmother. It was definitely challenging, but the love I shared for my grandparents and seniors is like no other. I wouldn't have changed it for the world, as our roles in life switched. Facing day to day challenges of not knowing how I was going to provide for my family and be a caretaker weighed heavily on me. Luckily at the time, I was working part time at Commonwealth Senior Living and they allowed me to stay on board PRN. Just a few years ago, both my grandparents transitioned and passed on. It gave me peace knowing I was chosen to be there for both during those times. I missed them both dearly, so shortly after I decided it was time to get back to working again. I came back onboard fulltime and it was the love for them that motivated me to be there for other seniors in our community. I love waking up and coming to work knowing that I make a difference in their lives. From their everyday activities to their daily living. Each one of our residents has a different story. They say 'children keep you young, but your seniors keep you WISE.'"31Angela Newberry, Resident Program Director at CSL Oak Ridge - "Why, to me, is the most important question of all. Why do we do the things we do, choose the paths we choose? For me, it all comes down to connections, relationships, and positively impacting people's lives. My life is better because of the connections I make. Connections show that you care and that you put forth the effort to make a difference in someone's life. I come to work every day to build connections and improve my relationships with my residents and my team. When you connect with someone, you can make their day by doing the simplest things, showing that you truly know them, care about them, and love them. This is how I can make a difference in someone's life. This is why I get out of bed every day, to make my small, but immensely rewarding difference in the world."32Micah Spell, Activities Assistant at CSL South Boston - "It is my calling and it reflects the same image to everyone as soon as they meet me. My smile is visible in my eyes, even with my mask on. The residents touch my heart every single day. Ms. Pauline is the perfect example of why I chose this profession. When I see her walking I ask, "Ms. Pauline, can I hold your hand while we take a walk? Now let's sing a hymn." I know I make a difference in her life by the smile on her face, the same as all of our residents. Micah 6:8, "To do justly, to love mercifully and to walk humbly with God.'"33Linda Gull-Smith, Program Director at CSL South Boston - "The residents are family and they know I am there for them. They give me just as much as I give them, if not more. Compassion, patience, and unconditional love. They love from the heart without looking at mistakes. Ms. Grace is the grandmother I never knew. She is normally the first person I see each day. If something is wrong, she finds me and tells me, "I know you can fix this." I know I bring smiles to her face as well as all of our residents. They have taught me to view life differently. Ms. Grace has taught me to slow down and smell the roses along the path of life. Love is the greatest give of all. I thank God for giving me one of my greatest gifts - my residents, my family."34Basha Taylor, Activities Assistant at CSL the Ballentine - "Why I do the work I do in senior living is simple. I know how I would want to be treated as an older person, and want to still find value in all I do in life. My relationship with my grandmother has also played a role in my passion for making sure I create an atmosphere that is well enjoyed. The older I became, the more I realized everything she had been through and how she was able to overcome the society of her time. Our lives are filled with so much worry about the future - we have to stop and enjoy the present because it is truly a gift! To be able to work and speak with people who are actual parts of American history is amazing. To be in the presence of seniors who have been around to see America grow is astounding. I like to work each day to make sure the moments they have left are filled with happiness and laughter. And boy do we laugh every day!"35Ebony Jackson, Program Director at CSL the Ballentine - "When Dorothy Barber moved into the community, she was nervous, upset and a little anxious. I met her and her sons, I believe, on the first day. She quickly grew attached to me and I to her. Whenever it came time to do her activities of daily life, she always had to be convinced. Dorothy and I formed an unexpected bond over the years. She went from Mrs. Barber to my adoptive grandma. She quickly became my best friend. On my days off, we would have nail and lunch dates. She wasn't physically able to come to my wedding, but she definitely made sure I gave her an invitation so that she could have it as a keepsake. Now that I have been promoted out to another community and we've been in a pandemic, I don't get to see her as often. But one thing is for sure, I love this woman to pieces. This beautiful little lady is my grandma and my why. Love you always and forever Grandma Dot!"36Emilee Whay, Activities Assistant at CSL Williamsburg - "My why is to see the smiling faces of my residents. I enjoy coming into work and saying 'Good Morning!' My why is spending time listening to what my residents' needs are, and to find new ways to help them have a fun day."37Eric Jaber, Program Director at CSL Willow Grove - "After being a IT Director for many years, I decided to go back to my roots as a musician and perform at weddings, restaurants and senior living communities. Before long, I grew tired of all the traveling, sometimes 2-3 performances each day in different locations. There was a community in Willow Grove, PA that kept having me back on a regular basis and I got to know the residents and associates. I knew their favorite songs and had lots of requests and engagement at every performance. When a position for Activities Assistant came up I applied and got the job. My experience as an IT Director helped me become an Assistant Director of Activities in a few short years. I found myself fascinated by the residents and their community life and started craving more training in dementia and resident care. I come to work everyday looking forward to a new adventure, a challenge, along with some smiles, laughter and music. I utilize my skills, some I didn't know I even had, to make the residents happy and keep them engaged. After working with machines for so many years I didn't think I'd work well in a people service industry, but as it turns out, I do."38Sue Sidman, Programming Assistant at CSL Willow Grove - "Going to Palm Sunday Service - for many of our residents, it's always a special time. Without me, these residents would not have been able to go. My skills, knowledge and the love of my job created a special outing. Their families and friends were so thrilled to see their loves ones so happy. This is why I do what I do."

We seek kind-hearted individuals to bring joy and improve the lives of seniors in our communities. What inspires you? Come build your career and make a difference in the lives of others, all at the same time. Click here to view current opportunities at Commonwealth Senior Living.

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