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Sweet Memories™

Award-Winning Memory Care at Commonwealth Senior Living

Welcome to Sweet Memories™, the signature memory care program offered at Commonwealth Senior Living communities throughout Virginia.

An award-winning program, Sweet Memories is specifically designed to deliver the highest quality of care, support and engagement to our residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

The program blends the warm, homelike feeling of our distinct memory care neighborhoods, personalized care delivered by compassionate, specially trained caregivers, the calm and familiarity of routine schedules and consistent staffing with engaging programs and activities.

All work in concert to provide our memory care residents with the very best experiences . . . every day.

Person-Centered Care For a Meaningful Experience

At Commonwealth Senior Living, we understand that no two Sweet Memories residents are at the same place on their journey. Each person has his or her own unique needs, abilities and preferences. We provide person-centered care to ensure each resident enjoys the most appropriate support possible.

Sweet Memories features four primary components to help ensure exceptional care and complete peace of mind for residents and their loved ones:

Move-in: From physical to emotional needs, we help with every step of the transition from home or hospital to our community.

The Life Story: It starts with building a sound relationship with our resident. To really get to know each person in our care, we talk with residents and their families. We learn each resident’s life story. We consider their medical, mental, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs, as well as habits and preferences. With this knowledge in our hearts, we form friendships and provide truly personalized care and attention.

Resident-Centered Care Plan: Our team members evaluate each resident and work collaboratively with their family to create a customized care plan to meet specific needs. These care plans are as individualized as each resident; no two residents have the same care plan.

Virtual Dementia Tour® Training: Cutting-edge technology, the Virtual Dementia Tour®enables caregivers and family members to experience a simulation of the physical and mental challenges that those with dementia face. Our team members use the Virtual Dementia Tour® experience to provide better person-centered care.

Signature Memory Care Programs

Sweet Memories features signature programs that have proven to elevate care and enhance the experience of our residents.

One Sweet Memory: This program is the Winner of the Best Practice Award from the Virginia Assisted Living Association (VALA). Our community team members regularly capture highlights of each resident’s day in photographs; the photos are then shared with family members, keeping them connected to their loved ones.

Expressions: As memory loss progresses, so often too does the ability to speak or communicate effectively. When verbal skills begin to fail, art can become a means of self-expression for our residents. Conversational prompting stimulates memories which residents can interpret using a variety of mediums, including painting.

Special Touch: Designed specifically for those with memory loss, this program provides “special touches” that make a difference in care. To heighten the dining experience before lunch, residents enjoy citrus-scented towels that awaken taste buds. Before dinner, lavender-scented towels help residents relax, reinforce their natural circadian rhythms and encourage them to enjoy their meals.

Sweet Melodies: For those with latter stage dementia who have lost verbal skills, Sweet Melodies stirs memories by using nostalgic music to ignite a spark within the resident. We build a personal playlists from conversations with family and by sampling a variety of musical genres. The music reaches deep inside and resonates with residents.

SMILE™ Technology: Through SMILE, your family can remain connected to your loved one every day. This computer program enables you to see your loved one participating in and enjoying our programming, and we can regularly share photos and stories with you.

Memory Care Life Stations

These specially developed stations help memory care residents reconnect with the past, engaging in familiar or favorite activities or pastimes. Stations include an office setting, a baby nursery, a kitchen and more.

Sweet Memories™ Services & Amenities

  • Healthy, restaurant-style dining options that are easy to eat and meet dietary needs
  • Regular activity schedules that stimulate the mind and body, as well as customized socialization programs that fit the cognitive, social and mental abilities of the resident
  • Open and secure outdoor spaces, such as courtyards, gardens and walking paths
  • Monthly support group meetings for families and loved ones
  • Private or companion suites with private baths
  • Personal care services
  • Medication management
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen services
  • Specially trained team members available 24/7
  • Monthly family night dinners
  • Community newsletter
  • SMILE™ Technology

Earl Parker

Commonwealth Senior Living

“Thank you for welcoming our family into your community. Thank you for giving so much of yourselves to us. Thank you for every second of every day you spent with us. I hope you know how much we love you and how much you mean to us.” – Simi’s family


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