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Sometimes We Cry at Work - Here's Why

By: Commonwealth Senior Living / 13 Jul 2017
Sometimes We Cry at Work - Here's Why

I received this message from one of our caregivers, and as I read it, I got a lump in my throat. Honestly, on any given day, you could catch one of us in the office tearing up over a story we've heard. The truth is that this isn't just a job for any of us. We are here because these relationships are meaningful to us. We believe we are improving the lives of seniors and their families, and they in return improve our lives as well. With no further ado, here is today's note that made us cry:

"As we all know, we become very close to our residents and families. We become part of their family. We celebrate birthdays, successes, anniversaries, and their day to day happiness. We learn as much as we can in a short amount of time to make the last years, months, or even days relaxing and comfortable. We, as professionals, not only watch our residents decline, but our families suffer too.  I love what I do and cannot imaging doing it anywhere else. Here is the reason why.

I have a resident who is transitioning rather quickly. I have not been in the building since last Thursday, and when I arrived the entire family was here. They are here to support each other and mom. Tearing up, telling good stories, listening to each others memories, and wondering how long this process will take. As I checked on them today, I took our Sweet Melodies iPod and head sets into the room. I was able to hook up the iPod and 4 sets of headphones for each family member and resident to listen to her playlist. The playlist had been compiled several months ago just for her. Music touches everyone in different ways, and I hoped as I entered the room this would be a positive experience in a difficult time. The family and the resident began to sing together as the music played. At a time of such sorrow, it was so peaceful and soothing to watch this family take comfort and joy in what may be the last activity they are able to participate in with their mom.   

Sweet Melodies is one of my favorite programs here at CMC. Today taught me how much music plays in each of our lives."

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